How Senior Care Advisors Help Create a Sense of Community for Your Loved One

Finding the right care for the beloved seniors in our lives is always difficult.

Doing it in a pandemic? That’seven worse.

In these turbulent times, we areall looking for easier ways to live our lives and do everything that we need todo, and finding the right senior living care is no exception. But I am here totell the citizens of Atlanta that there is a service that puts the “assist” in assisted living. And the best part? It is absolutely free!

My name is Sarah Reese and I am aSenior Care Living Advisor for Assisted Living Locators, and I help families ofthe metro Fulton and Cobb Counties of Atlanta affordably find and assess thebest senior living options for their loved ones.

About Me

Let’s be honest with each other -nobody wants to do this. Finding senior living options and planning for the future of your loved ones is confusing, time-consuming and emotionally draining.

It is easy to make mistakes, overlook critical steps and address personal needs over those of your family members, all of which are extremely common.

But this is where I come in!

At the end of the day, this process is a lot like buying a car or a house; it deserves the utmost care and attention and requires someone guiding the process with the expertise to provide the best insider information about assisted living. That’s me.

I am a doctor’s daughter. I grewup working with him, making rounds and working in his office, and after going to Emory, then getting an MBA from the University of Virginia, I got a Master’sin teaching.

I worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield, and later McKesson, working in Global Transition of Care for Seniorsand Family

Having operated Assisted LivingLocators in Atlanta for the last three years, I have been able to use myupbringing and corporate experience to not only understand the process offinding assisted living facilities, but also finding customizable services forindividual needs.

How Does It Work?

Whether you need help now or are planning ahead, I am here to provide you with all the information you need.

Once we meet, based on your budget, care needs, locational preferences and your family member’s personal interests, I will develop catered recommendations, shuttering the oftenconfusing and difficult process of doing it alone, and giving you peace of mind;reducing stress and saving time.

I will stay with you from beginning to end, answering questions and addressing concerns, all whileoperating as a one-stop solution, so there is no need to “shop around”afterwards - we do it all together.

Here’s how it works.

First, we will do what I call an“intake meeting.” This is where we do an in-depth assessment of your family’s needs and gain a high-level overview of how best to serve you.

In addition to reviewing yourbudget, I will also develop a personal profile for your family member,including height, weight, current medications, hospitalizations and mobility issues, as this assessment will address meticulous factors such as long hallways, pertinent for those with mobility difficulties.

I will also advise on whether thefacility is local, versus national, how long the residency director has beenemployed, reports on treatment of patients, and differences in care prices asresidents age.

These criteria will help informwhat type of facility we emphasized in our search, and I am well-versed in the different types of senior living communities,including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing centers andmemory care centers.

Memory care, in particular, is anarea for which I am certified. Family members with dementia diagnoses must beplaced in a setting equipped to care for this type of condition, and I will ensure that staff personnel have received the proper certifications andtraining.

Where Do We Go From There?

Based on the results of this conversation, I will provide you with a customized plan to match your specific needs.

Once you are able to assess what we have discussed, I will provide hands-on guidance as you review corresponding amenities, which will then be followed by options for touring facilities, which we will also do together.

Upon choosing a facility, I will address when to move, how to move, what to buy, etc. And again, all of my services are free, and my business is based strictly on referral commissions. This way, I am always working for you.

Finally, I will do everything necessary to make sure your family member’s transition is as smooth as possible, and will provide follow-up support to make sure your expectations are being met by the community.

Particularly in the age of COVID, knowing the in’s and out’s of where your loved ones transition is extremely important. From telehealth capabilities, to increased infection control procedures to facility communication, knowing what to look for has never been more complex.

But this is what I love and this is what I do. I hope to position myself as an invaluable resource for the citizens of Atlanta, and hope to position me and Assisted Living Locators as the ultimate guide to assisted living communities. This type of service is unique, and while finding the right care solution for your loved one may feel like a full-time job, I am happy to make it mine.

Call 470-443-3647 or visit my website to take an initial assessment and together, let’s ensure a brighter, communal future for your loved ones.